Kyle Fong


Kyle Fong was born and raised in Sacramento, California. His love of acting started when he first saw the first Spider-Man movie with Tobie Maguire when he was 7.

Since then, he started to reenact any scenes he saw in movies, tv shows, and theatre to if he could be as great as the actors on screen or stage. Kyle started his career when he played the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz in middle school. When he got to New Technology High School, the school didn’t have any theatre options.

Despite all of it, Kyle eventually helped create a couple of skits about computers and viruses. After graduating from high school, Kyle went to Sacramento City College to get the credits he needs to transfer to California State University Los Angeles as a theatre major.

While attending college, Kyle needed to work to get money and worked at a restaurant called Sellands for the 3 years from a dishwasher to a server. Let’s just say the job taught him to have a good work ethic to get things done.